Omni Girl: Inspirations #1 Movies

8 kwietnia 2019

Inspirations #1 Movies


Inspirations 1

Hello guys! We want to start something new on our blog - “our INSPIRATIONS” series. We’d like to share with you great movies, photos, comic books, music, paintings etc - everything that we love and that inspires us to create Omni Girl. Of course we can’t show you everything to avoid spoilers ;)

Let’s start with movies (order doesn’t matter):

Children of men
This movie is special for us. It was instant love. Everything in this film: cinematography, color grading, plot is fantastic... but what’s the most interesting and frightening at the same time is creation of the WORLD. It’s so realistic you can easily imagine our future could look like that.This world is so believable, with the city, people. Perfectly placed banners on the streets, buses etc.
Great vision and execution of the story.

Blade runner
I have a feeling that everything about Blade Runner was already told. Both Blade Runner movies, old and new, are the best examples of good cyberpunk genre and its aesthetics (although slightly different). World, colors, characters, design, plot… just everything. Ridley Scott basically created visuals for Cyber Punk genre. Great intimate story told from few perspectives with very strong performances from Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer.
Blade Runner 2049, movie of Daniel Villeneuve, Canadian director, wasn’t following original aesthetics (which in my opinion is very good idea ). Maybe people consider this as a flaw of this movie. Many movies before were trying to imitate original Blade Runner aesthetics, and they failed. City in Total Recall or recent Netflix series Altered Carbon were heavily inspired by Blade Runner, but in my eyes because of that they became only imitation of original movie. Daniel Villeneuve did something better. He recreated the same intimate mood and detective story but with his own vision, which helped me to forget about comparing both movies in the cinema.

We treat those movies only as inspiration, as we don’t want to even try to imitate its style as probably we would fail terribly. 

Blade runner (1982)

Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Girl with the dragon tattoo (2011)
We really love this movie…
Wait, let’s start again. We love David Fincher, and one of his babies Girl with the dragon tattoo is one of our favorites. It has amazing vibe and well-told story.
The main character is the biggest inspiration for our Omni Girl character. She’s strong, dark, persistent person. This movie doesn’t do flashy effets, crazy stunts (although there are few), but focus on people, connection between them, small innocent gestures that herald the storm. Scene with the purse when Lisbet Salander is visiting her public guardian. Such a small scene executed in such a great fashion. Best craftsmanship in business.
All of this in detective story just right for a cyberpunk genre. It wasn’t great commercial success, but so weren't both Blade Runner movies.

Alien franchise is great inspiration for us, as well for many other people. Alien has everything we love. Raw cinematography combined with great ambient and color grading. But what’s the most important, it’s another example of awesome character development, and strong, tough heroine. Among many many things that Aliens movie did right, is making me believe in its consistent world.

Matrix & Animatrix 
Does it even need an explanation? These movies were very influential for many filmmakers. This movie has great story but what’s more important is great execution. This movie has groundbreaking (for its time effects) but also great visual storytelling with character arcs ad really good cinematography.

Animatrix was released before Matrix Reloaded, and I think nobody expected it to be that good.
Animated short stories letting us inside the Rabbit Hole. Hardcore stories like “The Second Renaissance” with violence, war and robots, mixed together with stories like “Kid’s Story” (one of my favorites with "Matriculated" short).

Ghost in the shell (1995)
Another unique masterpiece. Animation, explosions, robots, cyborgs and detective story - everything sci fi needs. But for me, strength of this movie is in main character, The City with people trapped in it, like main protagonist Major Motoko trapped in her body. Dying body of the city, rotten and cold with veins full of people make this story so much believable. Something that live action movie didn’t recognize. We can feel connection of the soul of the city with Major, unhappy, ready to escape any moment, to fly if only give it a chance. This connection is achieved by splending visuals, and story told without rush.

Last but definitely not least for today - movie that inspired and influenced a lot of artists, filmmakers and overall pop culture (nice article here). Along with Blade Runner it’s cyberpunk genre at its finest. This movie is something unique - and its scale and complexity. Created and directed by Katsuhiro Otomo, changed scifi stage for ever. Movie in it whole complexity, only scratch the surface of the story from manga (that I highly recommend to anyone who didn’t read it yet). This movie binded for many people scifi genre with japan culture. Rough world of NeoTokio scares and invites visitors to explore dark secrets of the city. Akira aesthetics has great influence on us in building the world and characters, although we try to put something new and ours into the world of Omni Girl. We try to be inspired by them but also follow and search for our own style.

There are many more movies that help us to create our own world… be ready for part 2!