Omni Girl: Big life changes

11 lipca 2018

Big life changes


Big life changes

Long time no see – big life changes, unfortunately, took our whole free time, and that’s why we recently didn’t post anything on our social media. Even tho, don’t be worried cause we’re coming back. Our work on Omni Girl didn’t stop and, without any break, we’re still taking care of this project.
Problems we had to overcome were related to moving to another place. Also, our animator Weronika moved to Montreal to new work. This is the same city where our director Piotr is staying so they’re together searching for new ideas for our movie. That’s how our life goes now – some of us stayed in Spain, some in Poland, and some explore new directions in Canada. For the whole month our spanish part of the team had huge problems with Internet connection, and because of that we couldn’t show you any of our progress. Now it seems that things will go better – we invited to our team new person, Maya, who will take care of our social media and will be our coordinator. We’re also planning some new things – soon we’ll present you our whole team, run a special group on Facebook, make some video blogs and many, many more! In the near future we’ll reveal more details.

So, how’s Omni? After a work through trial and error, we’re finally satisfied with one of the main scenes. It required a lot of time and we had to change our concept but ending effects are really great! We'll post it soon, but for now we're presenting part of it :)

If you’re interested in our project don’t forget to follow us on Instagram. We’re posting there more stuff, also from making of, so you can see how our life with Omni looks like.