Omni Girl: Green Screen

11 grudnia 2017

Green Screen


Green Screen

This post is a continuation of the previous one about shooting day. We shot everything in one day - in the station and the green screen studio. It was really crazy and we were exhausted at the end of the day :) After a couple of hours in Estacion del Norte, we went to small green screen studio. We rented it for the whole evening. Honestly, it was our first time with green screen, so obviously we made some mistakes.

For example, we didn't light properly the backdrop and our actress. It's possible that we will have to reshoot some scenes.

We recorded some additional shots similar to these from the Estacion. But we also worked on something what is a secret for now - there will be some kind of foretaste in the teaser... it's my favorite part of the script!

More backstage photos:

We had great time in the studio. It was awesome and funny but the best thing is that we learned a lot of new things.