Omni Girl: Shooting day

14 września 2017

Shooting day


Shooting day

For quite a long time we couldn't decide where we want to film Omni Girl. We found a lot of cool locations in Spain, Poland and even Canada. But we wanted to start our short as soon as possible so we choose old abandoned station Estacion del Norte in Madrid as we lived close to that building. We've been always intrigued by it anyway so it looked like a good idea.

That's how it looks from the outside:

We rented it only for a couple of hours - it's a part of Gran Teatro so we had to pay some money for the access.

Everything started some weeks before that shooting day. We had to make preparations (costumes, storyboards, collecting equipment etc.) One day before filming our actress had to go to hairdresser for a proper hairstyle.

Yeah, she had to sleep with that mohawk! :)

The following day we went to our great location. The interior:

It's really appealing, isn't it?

It was February so we were freezing! We had to take coffee breaks regularly.

Now you can see what Omni has in her panda backpack - you never know when you'll need your dressing-gown! :)

More backstage photos:

We recorded everything with two cameras so we have a lot of footage - even though we didn't have much time.

Of course, we came across some difficulties. The problem was sunlight. It was perfect when we started to shoot but it moved really fast - we didn't have a chance to record everything in the same lighting. Look at these photos, both were taken in the same place:

After shooting in the station we went to the green screen studio. We had to record some additional material (more in the next post). Anyway, it was very busy and awesome day!

See ya!