Omni Girl: First ideas

28 sierpnia 2017

First ideas


First ideas

We started to work on Omni Girl about two years ago. First there was an idea, then developing, making a lot of sketches, concept art, storyboards, rehearsals etc. We have to admit that our first ideas were completely different from what we're making now.

Today we'd like to show you our first attempts to create the story and world of Omni Girl.

Concept art

At the beginning we wanted to create one big robot as a villain:
robot design - Harry Bits

concept art - Joanna Roksz-Weiss, inspired by the awesome artist Maxim Revin

We also changed the environment and opening scene:

location concept art - Joanna Roksz-Weiss

Fragments of storyboards

These were our first storyboards so now the story is totally different. But it's really interesting to see how it evolved.

storyboard artist - Krzysztof Weiss


After storyboards we made quick previsualisations, here you can see one of them:

previs artist - Weronika Roksz

We used Stewart - free Animation Mentor rig


From the very beginning we wanted to shoot in an abandoned building. We found some places in Madrid before choosing Principe Pio, for example that one:

Well, I guess our final choice is much better :)